Tuesday, 22 November 2011

David Cameron opens McLaren Production Center, Next model to be McLaren MP4-27 [VIDEO]

Britain's McLaren is hard at work on its plans to tackle the world's premier supercar brands on all fronts, and the new MP4-12C is merely the opening salvo.The company has confirmed that a number of new models are in the works, ranging from a Lamborghini Aventador rival to a more 'entry level' model that will take on Ferrari's California convertible.

This month, McLaren opened a cutting-edge new production facility in England - an event important enough to prompt a visit from British Prime Minister David Cameron. During the opening of the new production line, McLaren did reveal the name of a new car. MP4-27 will be their next supercar.

However, it is still not clear whether the MP4-27 is the car that will replace the F1 or a next generation MP4-12C. McLaren has been one of the top teams in Formula 1. Both their drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton have been very successful in their 2011 campaign. Button is second while Lewis is fifth in the championship with just one round remaining. Team McLaren Mercedes ranks second in the constructors championship. It is also rumoured that McLaren might switch to Honda engines when the new regulation come into force.

Watch the Video for more details


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