Friday, 18 November 2011

BMW to open exclusive pre-owned car showrooms in India under brand name "BMW Premium Selection"- Launch on 24th November 2011

BMW India has announced to start the pre-owned car service very soon as the company feels the need to share a common platform for the buyers and sellers of BMW in India. The first showroom for the pre-owned cars will start in New Delhi and others to follow soon. At present, BMW India has 25 Showrooms across India. Once the facility starts in New Delhi, the price of second hand BMW Cars could be

BMW 3 Series, 3-4 years old : 7-10 Lac
BMW 5 series, 3-4 years old : 14-18 Lac
BMW 7 Series, 2-3 years old : 40-55 Lac

Andreas Schaaf, the President of BMW India commented that India has a magnificent potential in pre-owned car market which if handled well can definitely prove a very lucrative business and this is why they are planning to start up the business very soon. Mercedes currently sells pre-owned cars globally under brand name "Proven Exclusivity" BMW will be officially inaugurating the event on 24th November 2011 at New Delhi.

Audi and Mercedes are expected to start the trend very soon once it comes in Indian luxury cars. The trend of pee-owned cars was started by India's leading car maker Maruti Suzuki India Limited under brand name "True Value" followed by Mahindra under brand name "First Choice".


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