Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Argentina's Guido Falaschi died in final lap of Turismo de Carretera race - VIDEO

The 22 year old Argentine driver Guido Falaschi was killed in a crash at Juan Manuel Fangio track during the final lap of a race in the most popular motor sport competition in the South American country.

Falaschi was racing for the HAZ Racing team in Turismo Carretera and was racing this season for Sportteam in the TC 2000 Championship.

In the final few laps of the race, race leader Mauro Giollambardo's Ford was fighting off Guido Falaschi for the lead, when the two came across the spinning backmarker of Leonel Laurrari. Both drivers took avoiding action, with Falaschi losing control of his Ford Falcon and spinning across the infield.

Doctors attempted to resuscitate the driver for 40 minutes but were unsuccessful. The injuries, primarily to the driver's abdomen, were too great.

The race ended with a Red flag.

Watch the Video footage below.

Recently, other Motorsport riders/racers also crashed and died. They Included Bike Rider Ayazuddin on his Suzuki GSX R-1000 and Marco Simoncelli. Watch Video Footage.

In another incident, Kyle Busch got caught in accident at NASCAR, watch Video Footage.


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