Sunday, 23 October 2011

Visit the Mercedes Benz Classic Center here and relive the past - Video

Little known is the San Diego freeway division of Mercedes Benz Office. Unless you are the fan of Vintage Cars, you would have never heard of Mercedes Benz Classic. The shop not only restores vintage Mercedes automobiles, it also serves as a source for parts and even sales of classic Mercedes automobiles.

This is one of the only three workshops available across the Globe and the technicians available here says "Our job is to refurbish a car and the car does not looks refurbished at all after" which means they do the job so perfectly that it seems that the work is the one done on the Original Mercedes Benz Classic.

Ofcourse, there would be many other Budget Refurbish centers available but if you are a Vintage Car passionate, you would hit straight here to refurbish your Classic here.

Visit the Video below the step inside the Mercedes Benz Classic. 


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