Saturday, 1 October 2011

Toyota Aqua, another Hybrid after Prius to be showcased at Auto Expo

Fuel Economy is the new buzz in the automobile market. At one place where Fuel Prices hike, interest rates hike, diesel car registration prices hike are taking the overall cost of the cars to be high, the companies are left with the option of seeking measures to reduce the cost by using efficient measures which includes weight reduction of the vehicles, improving fuel economy etc.
Toyota has announced that it will be launching its another hybrid car “Aqua”, the car will be showcased at the upcoming Auto Expo 2012. This will be Toyota’s second hybrid car after Toyota Prius which is currently priced at Rs 2.5 Million. This car named Aqua will deliver a mileage of 40 km/l and is expected to be priced approximately 1.7 million yen ($ 22,000 yen). The car is about 0.3 million yen less than Toyota Prius. Toyota Prius currently delivers 32 km/l.
In India, there are several other carmakers which are working on improving the mileage of the car. These include Tata Motors which has planned to manufacture MiniCAT which will deliver 40 km/l, Tata’s yet another Diesel Nano which is said to deliver 35 km/l and several other cars.


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