Sunday, 16 October 2011

Tata Nano Bangladesh launch deferred

The launch of India's Tata Nano, was delayed at the last moment in Bangladesh after its distributor Nitol Motors said.

Nitol Motors which is Tata Motors sole distributorship in Bangladesh was at the fair to launch Tata Nano in Bangladesh, but the high taxes meant for the price tag for the last expensive car meant the car would be priced at  599,000 taka ($7,900). This amounts to Rs 141,000 for the base model in India.

"A lot of people came to us for booking at the fair. At least 23 people confirmed their interest," said Abdul Matlub Ahmad, director of Nitol Motors. "But we've deferred launch of Nano at the last moment as we're seeking a re-look at the price, which some say is too high."

 Both the Nano and other small cars produced by foreign companies such as Maruti are significantly more expensive in Bangladesh as importers have to pay 132 percent tax on each car, he said.

The Tata Nano, billed by the company as the "people's car", generated worldwide interest when it rolled off the assembly line in 2008, and the company is already marketing it in Sri Lanka


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