Saturday, 22 October 2011

Pilz GmbH & Co launches wholly-owned subsidiary in India, enters Auto business

Automation technology company, Pilz GmbH & Co launched its wholly-owned subsidiary in India -  Pilz India Pvt. Ltd - to provide safety systems and services for industrial automation. In addition to the sales office in Pune, the company will set up a sales office in Delhi and a development centre in Chennai by March 2012 end.

Commenting on the India operations, Renate Pilz, president and CEO of Pilz GmbH & Co said, “After closely studying the Indian market for the past few years, we realised that the potential in India's booming economy and rising demand for automation in all sectors of the manufacturing industry. With our long experience and level of expertise, I am confident that we can effectively cater to the industry and be a part of its growth in India and across the globe."

She added, "Initially we will be focusing on technology and engineering services for safety in India. There is a need of safety awareness over here and will follow the international standards. The company follows principal of redundancy and diversity."

Sanjay Kulkarni, managing director, Pilz India, added that the important markets for them are automotive, wind energy, oil and gas and industrial. While railways are an important sector, particularly from the point of safety, entry into that business will take time, Klaus Stark, general manager, international operations, Pilz GmbH, said.

Kulkarni said they have begun discussions with engineering colleges in Pune, introducing safety technology in the curriculum but due to industry demand, they will first train employees in customer companies.


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