Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Rajeev Khandelwal's currently spending time spinning discs and making music. The actor is now a DJ. And where's he playing at? That, you'll get to know on September 30 when his movie “Soundtrack” releases. He plays the role of a DJ-turned-musician in the movie. (So ladies, hold your horses, no point scouring the city's discos looking for him.) “I took a crash course in DJ-ing because I wanted to get used to the equipment and the console. I didn't want to look like I am seeing these things for the first time,” says Rajeev.
But Rajeev Khandelwal these days is looking even beyond movies to his other passion “Super Cars”
If your heart pounds to the vroom of highly sophisticated engines, then National Geographic is coming up with a new show Nat Geo Super Cars to indulge the viewers in the temptation of most coveted cars in the world.
The show will feature Actor Rajeev Khandelwal in a rugged avatar, surrounded by entourage of high-end cars like Bentley, Aston Martin, Chevy Volt, Camaro, Viper and Dodge Challenger et al around him. As per the show format Khandelwal will be seen not only introducing the rich & famous who own these cars, but also educating the viewers about the technology behind it. It will also cover the aspects like the markets for availability of these cars and the attributes of the machine.
Announcing the launch of Nat Geo Super Cars Keertan Adyanthaya, Managing Director, National Geographic Network and Fox International Channels said, This shows how these cars are made, the kind of passion, science, technology goes in to making of these cars. The show promises to thrill the car lovers with its fast paced visuals and interesting insights into the manufacturing stories of these machines.
On his experience of hosting a show on cars, Rajeev Khandelwal said, This is a step ahead in my career. This is a kind of boost to my ego; secondly I don’t think any guy is not interested in super cars. Its a dream come true for me. I have just turned into a car enthusiast three years back and what fascinated me was that not my knowledge of cars but what I will learn through the show.
The event took off with a flagging ceremony of the super cars for a drive at India gate by the actor.
Nat Geo super cars is being promoted through a robust 360 degree marketing campaign involving a contest on facebook. The channel will also run another contest to catch on the Formula One racing frenzy, whose winner will win tickets to the F1.
The 20 episodes show, Nat Geo Super Cars will go on Air from October 10, Mon-Fri, at 10 pm with every episode being dedicated to one single car.


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