Friday, 14 October 2011

Maruti's Gurgaon plant shut down for 2 days due to ongoing strike at its ancillary plants

Maruti Suzuki India is now forced to shut down its Gurgaon plant also, where it manufactures 2,800 cars per day. Maruti had switched on the production of Swift for a few days to its Gurgaon plant from originally Manesar plant to provide deliveries in time of newly launched Swift.

But the workers strike has also hit Maruti's ancillary units also including Suzuki Powertrain and Suzuki Motorcycles. Suzuki Powertrain provides Diesel engines and other parts to Gurgaon plant. Now since ancillary units are not in a position to produce and hence supply diesel engines, maruti decided to shut down the plant for 2 days in order to avoid the huge fixed cost incurred which would not be a feasible option to run the plant at current operating capacity.

The whole Manesar belt has been in unrest due to the Maruti strike, and no permanent solution seeks so far.


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