Monday, 10 October 2011

Maruti sacks 15 and suspends 10 at Manesar Plant; 'rescues' 100 workers 'held under duress

Maruti Suzuki India on Sunday dismissed 10 workers, terminated five trainees and suspended 10 employees as India's largest car manufacturer struggled to reassert control over its Manesar factory, which has been virtually under the control of striking workers since Friday evening. In a statement, it said that it had acted against the workers in connection with the violence at the Manesar factory premises. 

The company also said that it had 'rescued' 100 workers who, it alleged, were being 'held under duress' by striking workers. Trade union leaders, on the other hand, alleged that three workers at a factory owned by another Suzuki subsidiary had been injured in 'firing' on Sunday morning. 

"On Saturday, the company had similarly rescued 355 workers with the help of the police. Many of these workers had been beaten up by the striking workers," the statement claimed. "With the rescue of about 450 people, the number of striking workers in the factory premises has come down to around 1,500. About 170 regular workers have stayed away from the strike from the start," the statement read.

The strike by casual workers at Maruti Suzuki's India plant has disrupted the production during the time when the Industry is at its peak and sales could have been boosted by the festive demand in the Industry. The company is facing double effect, one of the strike and other by major new launches in the Indian market.


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