Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Labor Strike affects Maruti’s Gurgaon Plant, production reduced by 1,000 Cars - VIDEO

The strike at Maruti Suzuki Manesar plant was spread to its nearby plants including Suzuki Motorcycles, Suzuki Powertrain Ltd., Rico and other plants. Suzuki Powertrain Ltd. Which supplied Diesel engines to its Maruti plants has affected the production at its Gurgaon plant also.

Maruti’s Gurgaon plant produces 2,800 units of cars on a total basis but due to non supply of Diesel engines, the production was down by 1,000 units and now the production has decreased to 1,800 units.

The production at its Manesar plant is also hit which has a capacity to produce 1,500 cars but the company is still producing 500 cars on an average despite the ongoing strike, Also, there were reports of firing outside the plant on Sunday by the labor contractor “Tirupati”. Satish, was the man in charge who was caught after the incident is reportedly to be involved in the firing.


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