Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Formula 1 threatens News Channels – Asks No Live feed of the event

As a tussle between Formula 1 management (FOM) and India’s management India’s television media, the later could boycott the Formula One Indian GP event. The bone of contention is F1's restrictive guidelines, which don't allow the race feed to be shared with non-rights holders.

Jaypee’s vice-president of communications, Askari Zaidi, played down the threat and was pretty confident that television journalists would toe the line. “When they signed their accreditation form, they agreed to the terms and conditions, so I expect them to cover the event,” he said.

The media also did not approve of taking along the camera but said news feed could buy a one minute feed of the race.
All the media persons are still in negotiation talks with the Formula One Management which is stuck on the proposal of not allowing the race feed to be shared with the non-right holders. However, the race event, if telecasted would be live fed to the Wheelomania facebook page. Join the event for the live feed. Fingers crossed for the next round of talks between management and media.


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