Saturday, 29 October 2011

Ford's MyKey Do Not Disturb feature launched, to add to the safety of vehicles - VIDEO

Ford becomes the first automaker to officially launch MyKey Do Not Disturb feature in its to be launch Ford Explorer 2012. This facility will allow the driver not to take calls and messages while driving. This will add to the safety of the vehicles.

“Adding Do Not Disturb to MyKey is yet another way Ford is helping parents to encourage their kids to drive safer,” said Andy Sarkisian, Ford Safety Planning and Strategy manager. “We are continually listening to our customers and responding to parents’ desire to make sure their kids are paying attention to the road, not their cell phone.”

"MyKey adds a new dimension to auto safety by giving drivers standard technology that encourages safer driving and limits their exposure to risk, regardless of age or experience," said Peter Patzelt, Ford system architect for MyKey.

MyKey will be available in next year's yet to be launch Ford Explorer and Fiesta and afterwards will be applicable to all the vehicles launched thereafter. Click below to watch the Video here.


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