Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Ford Motors, Sync Technology will read your text messages while you drive - VIDEO inside

Ford Motors have now made it official that the new models from 2012 and even the current models can be upgraded to the Ford's Sync technology. Sync is a Voice based technology which enables you to concentrate on driving while the technology will read out the messages loud for you.

Not only this, the technology would also allow you to reply to the messages by the option of pre-written messages without taking your hands off the wheel. And that all happens with just using a Bluetooth.

On Tuesday, it will be made available as an upgrade to Sync vehicles that are model 2010 or later. In order to install the capability, owners can download the upgrade from the Ford Sync site onto a USB drive along with print-out instructions. Older Ford vehicles that have Sync will soon be able to make the update as well, says supervisor of Sync product development Mark Porter.

The Sync feature doesnot comes with a Navigation system however additionally that can be installed. The features included in the Sync are:

  • Voice-activated, hands-free calling
  • Automatic phone book transfer
  • Uninterrupted connections
  • Support for advanced calling features
  • Ring tone support
  • Audible SMS messages
  • Digital music player support
  • Instant voice recognition
  • Multilingual intelligence

To see how the Function works, jump to the Video below and watch SYNC happening :


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