Friday, 21 October 2011

Chevrolet pushes Chevy Sonic out of the Plane for skydiving above the Arizona desert for its marketing campaign - Video

Chevrolet Sonic, which is ready for a launch this month is already in action. The Car is on its adventure and has covered entire Arizona desert. You must be wondering how !!!

As a part of the Marketing campaign, the Chevrolet people pushed the car, Sonic out of the plane for it to have an adventurous ride of Arizona desert.  Chevy's ad director told Automotive News that GM is hoping to connect with young people who don't "have the history necessarily or even the baggage you might say that a lot of the more traditional consumers might have."

Chevrolet wants to focus and target the Kids segment rather than those who want to add the cheapest car to their garage. Watch out the marketing campaign and you too can travel to the Arizona desert.


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