Monday, 17 October 2011

Brazil wants Tata Nano to drive in their markets

Brazil today expressed interest in taking the world's cheapest car - Tata Nano - to the South American nation.
Governor of Minas Gerais, the second most populous state of Brazil, Antonio Augusto Anastasia, who is here on 8-day visit to India, said he recently met Ratan Tata in Mumbai.

"We would very much like to take Tata Nano to Brazil," he said at a CII event.

Tata Motors started exports of completely built units ( CBU) of Nano to Sri Lanka and Nepal earlier this year, and is considering the option of assembling the car abroad, through the completely knocked down units ( CKD) route.

Brazil can be a good market for Tata Nano as in South American countries, there is a huge demand of Hatchbacks as the focus comes on the city driving with high efficiency and low cost, tata Nano could fulffill all the above said features and hence the car.

On whether Tata Motors will consider the Brazilian governor’s offer seriously and begin exporting the Tata Nano to Brazil either in CBU or in CKD form is something that we will have to wait and watch.


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