Thursday, 6 October 2011

Boom of MPV's in Indian Passenger Car market - Upcoming MPV's for Indian market

Multi Purpose Vehicles is the recently catched up Buzz in the Indian market. The Indian car market has evolved from one time when only Premier cars were available. The face of Indian automobile market was changed when Suzuki formed a Joint Venture with Indian government, Congress at that time which offered the name Maruti - thus forming the first and biggest of all automobile companies in India till date, Maruti Suzuki India Limited.

From a time of having a 100% market share, and then gradually dropping market share and as of date, Maruti Suzuki India holds 38% overall market share including Passenger Cars, MPV, Van and SUV market. We hope this is the last dop for maruti in India and expect that the share increases for Maruti from this point again towards 50% market, but who knows and who can predict the market accurately. We humans can only expect and predict basis the History.

The passenger car market, especially small cars like Maruti 800 etc. was taken over one time by 1.2 Litre Hatchbacks when Santro and Matiz gathered momentum in the Indian market. The era soon changed to Sedans when Honda City, Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Verna and Maruti Suzuki SX4 were launched.

The changing times and uncertainity have been the biggest challenge to the Automobile companies across the globe, not only Indian companies. This is one reason why Automobile companies staff are one of the best trained and hard working across the sectors, who spend most of their time on the shop floors learning about possibility of reducing cost, increasing comfort etc.

Now is the time of "Value for Money". The customer in today's competitive scenario wants to get the maximum in return for the amount of money he pays in the market. for eg. if an Indian Customer pays Rs 7,00,000 to buy a Hatchback where he gets 4-5 people seating capacity to accomodate his immediate family(spouse and children) and on the other hand on the same amount if he gets a SUV(or Compact SUV) to be more precise, this adds value to him where he can accomodate 7 persons of his family, may be in-laws too with loads of Boot Space and a powerful engine too, this would surely makes sense for a customer, and he would prefer the same. Most automotive companies have sensed the trend and have already started to work towards the same. The segment of cars is called as "Multi Purpose Vehicles" (MPV). The to be launched MPV's in the Indian market are:

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga (

General Motors CN-100(

Nissan NV-200(

Mahindra Compact Xylo

 Toyota Avanza 

Renault - Duster (

Force Motors - Project T0(

Facelifted Premier Rio Compact SUV



These cars would be launched in the range of Rs 6 - Rs 9 Lac and would be able to accomodate the entire family with all your luggage, a powerful engine and a comfortable feel and ride of a SUV. We can see almost all of these launched in 2012 and can see the trend shifting towards MPV may be by late 2013.

Will you be the one to get a Value for Money Car ?

Author bio: Jupiter Kalra is a Guest Author and loves to write on various topics related related to Automobile Industry. He has a passion for Automobiles and is working as a Business Analyst in Automobile Industry. He can be connected via LinkedIn.


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