Friday, 14 October 2011

BMW 3 Series 2012 (F-30) now unveiled, get first details, features and more

The all-new sixth generation BMW 3 Series saloon has been unveiled ahead of its launch in February 2012. We hope that you all did not missed and enjoyed the Live Streaming of the grand event, BMW 3 Series Launch at Munich, Germany.It will be initially available with four engines, with more to follow. Here are the first official pictures and details of the all-new BMW 3-series, revealed at a special event in Munich.

  The new BMW 3 Series Sedan, which will reach markets worldwide on Feb. 11, is be priced between 28,080 Pounds and 35,525 Pounds depending on the various models.

BMW R&D chief Klaus Draeger, describes it as ‘BMW’s most ambitious engineering program to date’. Visually, the new 3-series leans heavily on the latest 5-series in a bid to provide BMW’s two best-selling models with a more unified appearance. From the front, the two share a similar look that is continued along heavily structured sides to a high-set rear, which gives the new car a more wedge-shaped profile.

Engines are likely to be carried forward from the current model, albeit with improved efficiency and more power. BMW also plans to set up an engine plant in India, which should allow the carmaker to price the new 3-series more aggressively.

Available at launch will be the 328i, the 335i, the 320d and the 320d EfficientDynamics models. The 320d and 320d EfficientDynamics offer an impressive combination of power and performance coupled with low CO2 emissions – the 320d produces 184bhp and yet emits just 120g/km of CO2, and the EfficientDynamics model manages 163bhp with an even more impressive 109g/km of CO2.

Emissions and fuel efficiency are improved in all models by the addition of new driving modes – ECO PRO, Comfort, Sport and, on some models, Sport+. The ECO PRO mode alters throttle response and reduces the power consumption of things like air conditioning and heated seats.

There is one trend that BMW was never going to reverse — the new 3 Series is bigger than its predecessor. The front track has grown by 1.5 inches and the rear by 1.9 inches. The wheelbase is longer by 2 inches and the overall length is up 3.7 inches. In sum, these changes make a notable difference, but they're hardly revolutionary.

The increased dimensions have generated additional cabin space, although they're all modest increases. BMW claims an extra half inch of knee room in the rear and 0.3 inch of extra headroom. The trunk capacity grows 0.7 cubic foot to 17 cubic feet.


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