Wednesday, 14 September 2011

VW UP! to take on Maruti's A-Star and WagonR - showcased at Frankfurt Motor Show

VW has finally showcased the smallest car to date by length from the VW family. The 3.54 metre car has been showcased at Frankfurt Motor show and was slated to be launched in India earlier 2013, but now that you would be already knowing that the rift between Volkswagen and Suzuki has gained fuel - VW has said that it would not share the platform with A-star, instead would launch a specially developed variant of VW UP! for the Indian market and that too in 2012.

Though, Suzuki top head Mr. O. Suzuki has declined to talk further with VW after VW had mentioned Suzuki as its associate in its Annual Report, VW top head Mr. Martin Winterkorn today said he wants to meet and initiate the talks with Mr. O. Suzuki even after blaming that Suzuki had broken the pact by signing the deal for Diesel engine for Indian market with Fiat. Meanwhile, Fiat is looking at this with an opportunity and Fiat's Top boss has said today the partnership with Suzuki seems to be interesting.

However, lets not discuss on what might happen between Suzuki and VW - the partnership might go on for which the chances seems meagre or if Mr. O. Suzuki agrees to talk things might also work out again. In both the scenarios, one thing which is sure is the launch of VW UP! for the Indian market which has been confirmed during the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The car might be showcased during Auto Expo 2012. The car would be smallest car in VW family and would be the second car in Indian market to feature a 1.0 litre, 3 cylinder engine to be launched in Petrol as well as Diesel variants after Chevrolet Beat Diesel. The car would deliver a power of 74bhp. The car is believed to deliver a mileage of 4.3 Litres of Petrol for every 100 kms.


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