Monday, 26 September 2011

Tata Motors introduces Aluminium engines for its cars

In the market, which is highly affected by High Fuel prices and Interest rates, car makers are looking for alternatives to introduce benefits in terms of accessories and by improving the overall efficiency of the car.

Tata Motors recently introduced its sedan Indigo eCS which claims to be the most fuel efficient car in India. As per ARAI standards, the car delivers a mileage if 25 kmpl. Now it has been learnt the next step in this direction by Tata Motors is the introduction of Aluminium engines for its cars. Tata is also working on different versions of its direct injection common rail engines with focus on increasing the efficiency of combustion chamber.
Tata is also working on Tata Nano diesel which the company claims will deliver an efficiency of 30-35 kmpl, so far no car has offered such an amazing fuel efficiency in a country which fuel prices matters the customer sentiment a lot.


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