Friday, 30 September 2011

Skoda unveils First official teaser Video of earlier named Rapid, then Lauretta, now Mission L

Skoda has officially launched the first ever Video of its Mission L sedan in India. The sedan was codenamed at SK251 which is the codename to be used during the production phase of the sedan. SK251 shares the platform with Volkswagen Vento which was codenamed VW251 when the car was at its production phase. Volkswagen and Skoda though belonging to the same family decided to go separately for the Indian market. This would enhance the competition for the present carmakers and hence would increase the overall share of Vw/Skoda family.

The sedan, earlier codenamed SK251 was then rumoured to be named as Rapid for the Indian market. The company finally came with the name "Lauretta" for the Indian market, we think the name was again collaborately though upon by the two carmakers, as we think the name was derived from Laura+Jetta = Lauretta. Recently, the company has also stated that the name of the sedan will be disclosed during its launch on 07th October. Now this came as a surpiring news to all of us. Well, we again think this could be the marketing strategy of Skoda India cars so as to grab the attention of maximum carmakes and other masses across India. The show will now surely grab attention across the states, as the pricing of the sedan along with latest features would play a major role in making the sedan a success in the Indian market.

For rest of the details, we will take you Live to the event on the day of Launch. Till then enjoy watching the First ever official Video of Mission L concept. Mind you this is the Teaser video by Skoda, they have yet not unveiled the interior details of the car. We are in catch of some of its top officials, let us find how soon can we get those to you.




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