Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Skoda Lauretta to be launched on 07 October, name yet not disclosed

Skoda’s new sedan is scheduled for a launch on 07th October 2011. The sedan, built of VW Ventos platform was code named SK251 and was named “Rapid” for Indian markets. However, the Skoda Marketing officials thought of giving it a twist and changed the name to Lauretta, an attention seeking strategy I would say.

This is not enough! Now when the sedan is all set to be launched in the market, the company officials say they have yet not finalized the name of the Sedan to be launched in the Indian market. Does this mean, that Skoda’s Rapid à Skoda’ Lauretta à Skoda’s “____”!! the name would be disclosed at the unveiling of the car on 07th October 2011 or is it that the company wants to seek the maximum possible attention of everyone across India at its launch, who knows!!!

The company is making us wait for getting the exact name of the car, but we hope that the wait is worth waiting for the Indian market.


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