Monday, 12 September 2011

Renault India Strategy - 5 Vehicles to be launched till 2013

Renault, Paris based Passenger car manufacturer entered in India with a collaboration with Mahindra & Mahindra Limited to manufacture Passenger cars for the Indian market. The carmaker wanted to capitalize on the emerging market and hence started off with a well known player in the Indian market with launch of Mahindra Renault Logan, a very competitively placed Mid sedan. The car however did not generated huge volumes, on the other hand the problems increased further when tensions arose between the Joint Venture partners.

Renault still did not lost the battle and sticked to its Indian strategy, though more aggressively now. Renault and Nissan though share their manufacturing space in Chennai but have their own cars from their homeland stable.

Renault's Indian strategy was to launch 5 vehicles by the end of 2013. Renault has been very aggressive on this strategy, and as we can see the results - 2 cars have already been launched in India while 2 more ready to be launched in 2012 and one more to go in 2013. Now you must be thinking which all cars Renault will be launching in India and when, so here is sneak peak into Renault India's strategy.

1. Renault Fluence - Sedan
2. Renault Koleos - SUV
3. Renault Clio - Hatch back
4. Renault Duster - SUV
5. V platform sedan

However, Renault Koleos and Renault Fluence have been already launched in India, which as per the customer survey have been over priced as per the Indian market. Renault Modus has recently been seen testing around in Chennai and is expected to be launched during Auto Expo 2012. Renault Duster is the SUV which will be launched in India and recently Renault has also announced that India will be exclusive location for manufacturing of Renault Duster - for domestic market as well as for exports, this might make the SUV a little cheaper as compared to other products launched from Renault's global stable.

Meanwhile, the Duster is slated to be launched in third quarter of FY12-13 and Renault's V platform sedan which has yet not been named is slated to be launched in First half of 2013.

Also, Mahindra has plans to launch its Global SUV "XUV5OO" on 28th September 2011, will XUV5OO take on Renault Koles, only Mahindra's pricing can tell that. 


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