Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Renault B58 hatchback to be launched in last week of October - ahead of Auto Expo ?

Renault India's third of the five cars to be launched till 2013 is set to be launched during last week of October. The news comes a couple of hours before when Autocar India editor Mr. Hormazd Sorabjee tweeted this information on his twitter account.

The news comes as a shock to the Indian automobile industry as the earlier information received by Renault India was that the car is going to be launched at Auto Expo 2012. I wonder what will Renault showcase at Expo 2012, Duster? Isn't renault going too fast for the Indian market.

We have already seen that its earlier launches in Indian market - Fluence and Koleos have been overpriced as per the consumer's survey, and Fluence as we all know has not been successful to generate huge volumes. Now at this time when customers in India are talking about the overpriced launches from the paris based Carmaker, to immediately showcase the Hatchback will it be a  good idea ?

May be Renault India wants to capitalize at the Festive season - in its quest to generate numbers !!! Who knows, but i would again say if the news of launching hatchback - a market which has the maximum potential in the Indian market should be launched with much care, apart from the design, price and features, the timing of the car also matters. I guess Auto Expo 2012 would have been the right time for the carmaker to launch its hatchback. But again who knows, this idea might prove as a Cash Cow for Renault India !!!

There is one more clue that we can think of Renault's strategy - to launch 2 Hathbacks for Indian market - this one named Clio in Europe and Modus to be launched during Auto Expo 2012. This again might go hayway from Renault earlier plan to launch 5 cars in Indian market. if this is the case we might expect Clio to cash in numbers in competition to newly launched/to be launched Brio and Liva and Modus might serve a little upper segment to take on Swift and i20.

But again its getting too difficult to predict the strategy of OEM's. We will have to wait and watch at the final strategy of Renault for Indian market !!!


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