Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Part of Renault India Strategy – We did not knew it!!!

Though Renault India has already lined up its strategy for Indian market. The launch of 5 cars till end 2013 was a part of Renault India’s strategy- we knew it, but what we did not knew that this strategy of launching 5 cars had another strategy behind it. Whatt!!! The same was our reaction when we came to know this fact.

But before letting all of you know the secret behind it, let me tell you this might come as a good news for the masses. Renault India Executive director Mr. Marc Nissaf cleared that launching high end vehicles in India including Renault Fluence and Renault Koleos was a part of our first strategy under which the target audience was absolute luxury and was to segment amongst high end vehicles. We assume that’s why Renault introduced high end Bose Music System with plush leather seat covers.

As a part of Renault India’s second strategy, it will launch the vehicles for masses which would include sourcing of the components from the local market by upto 85% which would make these vehicles cost competitive in the market. This comes as good news for the Indian market especially for those crazy French vehicle manufacturer lovers.

The next to come from Renault’s stable would be a Hatchback (we assume it would be based on Clio platform) during end of this year, followed by Duster which would be launched in June-July 2012 and finally a sedan based on V-platform.

Share your opinion on the Renault India’s strategy.


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