Friday, 16 September 2011

OFFICIAL - "Renault Modus is NOT the next hatchback from us for India"

As we clearly said earlier, that there is some confusion created among various Media reports that the next Hatchback from Renault India is Renault Modus.
Renault Modus

We had already written in our past posts that Renault had lined up 5 vehicles for Indian market, of which 2 are already launched, one hatchback is next followed by Duster and lastly a car built on V platform. Of the next hatchback , some media reports told its Clio which is coming next and some told its Modus which is the next hatchback for Indian market.

It is today finally been confirmed by an official from Renault India Limited(name not to be disclosed) that Modus was launched in Europe in 2004 and is ready for an upgrade. The Upgraded version of the car is being tested in 8 different countries so as to see if it could sustain heat, dust, temperature etc.

Renault thus confirmed that the car which was caught testing in Chennai is a global hatchback for Europe and other countries but certainly not for India. The only option that we are left with now is Clio hatchback which will be launched in India in the last week of October.


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