Wednesday, 21 September 2011

New Audi Q7 goes on a Diet: To Loose 350 Kgs

Next Audi Q7 to Lose Weight: 770 Pounds (350 Kg)
Audi Q7 now joins the list of cars to start with a Diet program. Audi’s global marketing chief Peter Schwarzenbauer told that every new-generation Audi in the foreseeable future will be lighter than the model it replaces. The immediate one to start with is Audi Q7 SUV.

VW’s Touareg, one of the Q7′s two-row siblings, went on a diet for its second generation, losing about 400 pounds.  Lessons learned with the A6 and A7, which are 20 percent aluminum, will transfer to the Q7 and other new Audis; the Q7 already uses a good amount of aluminum in its suspension components.

Mr. Schwarzenbauer said this though will be difficult but is necessary in order to meet future fuel-economy targets.


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