Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Maruti Suzuki workers refuse to hold talks with management

The ongoing strike at Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Manesar plant has taken a bad shape. Till now the workers were eager to talk to the management and management refused to accept the demands of the workers. The management has still kept their stand of not accepting the demands of the workers but recently it has been reported that Management called a few of key Union workers to conduct the talks with Maruti officials, but the workers this time simply refused to hold talks.

The reason that workers are keeping is the Government officials involvement. As per one of the worker, the Haryana Government has worsened the situation. Haryana labour minister SCL Sharma, who was mediating on behalf of the state government, said, "The workers are not agreeing to come back to work unless all their 62 colleagues, who were suspended, were taken back. All this is difficult as criminal cases have been lodged against many of them."

Meanwhile, Maruti rolled out 620 Swifts at the Manesar and Gurgaon plants on Tuesday, up from a day earlier and close to its targeted level. The country's top carmaker said about 1,100 people were working on the production line at Manesar, where two plants are operating currently. The workforce included supervisors, engineers and trained hands brought in from the Gurgaon plant, which is functioning normally.


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