Thursday, 29 September 2011

Maruti Suzuki India resumes production of A-Star, talks with workers fail again

Maruti Suzuki India announced yesterday that they have started the production of their hatchback, A-Star at its Manesar plant from yesterday. Maruti has been adding skilled and non skilled workers in their Manesar plant on a regular basis and have raised the output of Swift upto 700 Cars, have also resumed production of SX4 two days before and yesterday started the production of A-Star at its Manesar plant. "This takes the cumulative Swift production since August 31, 2011, to over 10,000 units," it added.

It seems that Maruti has decided not to get affected by its workers, we have also seen during earlier strikes that Maruti Suzuki India starts the production and does wait for the workers to agree or to further protest. However, Maruti is also holding regular talks with the workers of MSEU, the union at Manesar plant and also with MUKU, the union at its Gurgaon plant.

The company has so far dismissed 33 workers and suspended 29 on charges of sabotage and deliberate quality compromise.  The deadlock between MSI management and workers of the Manesar plant has been continuing since August 29, when the company prevented them from entering the factory premises unless they signed a 'good conduct' bond, following alleged sabotage and deliberate compromise on the quality of cars being produced. 

Workers at the plant, however, said the management took these steps to take "revenge" for their 13-day strike in June demanding the recognition of a new union -- MSEU -- at Manesar. 

Meanwhile, Maruti Suzuki also started production of SX4 two days before. For the latest Interview of CITU senior official, click here.


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