Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Maruti resumes SX4 production; no solution to labour issue

Maruti Suzuki India Limited said, It has resumed the production of sedan, SX4.The company says the production of the car was on a stop since last one month and has now resumed amid no solution to the labour issues.
"As the manpower now reaches a comfortable level, the company has decided to further scale up production and start manufacturing other models as well at Manesar, besides Swift which has been the focus model for production at Manesar plants so far," MSI said in a statement.

A senior MSIL official said we have started one shift of production for the car, from tomorrow second shift, Shift ‘B’ will also be started at its Manesar plant.

Meanwhile, the management had conducted the discussions with workers of union, which ended with no conclusion. The stir at the plants continues, despite the festive season. Meanwhile, Maruti has hired few more temporary and permanent workers at the plant and has started the production at its Manesar plant.  Maruti also rolled out 700 swift cars, 500 from Manesar plant and 200 from its Gurgaon plant.

For detailed interview & strike situation, click here.


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