Monday, 19 September 2011

Lewis Hamilton to perform F1 Stunts on Bangalore's NICE road on 27 Sep 2011

As a part of the promotion venture, Lewis Hamilton will be seen on the Bangalore’s NICE road on 27th September performing stunts on his F1 Car and not in his Mercedes SL 63 AMG as was done previously.

His car is being specially flown to the venue for the occasion. Residents of Bangalore are in absolute thrill and say “It will be a sheer pleasure for all of us to see Lewis Hamilton performing stunts live on Bangalore Roads”. Lewis Hamilton is to fly to Singapore for the Grand Prix 2011 which is scheduled on 25th September after which he will fly down to Bangalore to be a part of his promotional campaign.

An area of 500 metres is being cordoned off for the event and work is in progress.  This area has been under progress and some improvements for this mega event to happen.


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