Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Israel eyes collaboration with auto industry in state

After seeking trade collaboration in the dairy and water sector with the Gujarat government, the Israeli government and trade bodies are looking at the growing auto and auto components sector in the state.

The auto industry is growing in India and Gujarat being the latest to add on to the list of Automotive hub in India where Ford, PSA and Maruti are planning to put up plants thus creating a huge employment and Business opportunity is attracting Israel to capitalize on the situation.

With auto components exports worth $500 million (Rs 2400 crore approx.), Israel has its expertise in navigation, dye casting and security system in the auto industry. Apart from auto components, Israel is also exploring bilateral trade with Gujarat in agricultural technology. "We are talking about agri-tech in bilateral trade with Gujarat as we see a lot of potential here," said Sagiv.

Recently, Sagiv led a delegation of eight Israeli companies in the water sector for a industry seminar in Ahmedabad. “We want to build collaboration with the Gujarat government in the water sector. Through the seminar we met government officials and representatives of industry bodies like GCCI and ASSOCHAM. Possibilities of joint ventures in water sector are being explored in Gujarat. The Gujarat government wants to solve the water usage issue through such collaboration," she said.


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