Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Diesel Cars to be more Costly from tomorrow in Delhi

Buying a Diesel Car will now be more Costly in Delhi from tomorrow onwards, i.e. 29th September 2011.
Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit announced to hike the price of registration for Diesel vehicle while announcing the Budget in march 2011 as specified in Schediule I of Motor Vehicles Act 2004. The increase is accounted for levying additional tax on Diesel propelled vehicles.

The price of Vehicles will now be increased by Rs 6,000 for low priced Diesel vehicles while for high priced diesel vehicles, the hike would range from Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000. In all, the percentage increase in tax on Diesel Cars is 25 percent.

The diesel vehicles which earlier paid 4% will now pay 5%
The diesel vehicles which earlier paid 7% will now pay 8.75%
The diesel vehicles which earlier paid 10% will now pay 12.5%

On an average, 1200 to 1,400 cars are sold in delhi of which 30% are diesel.


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