Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A car that runs on Compressed air, yet another one from Tata Motors

Innovation is on the cards for Tata Motors. Tata’s have scored one more first automobile in the world. After being one of the largest Indian automobile manufacturing company, after having acquired Jaguar land rover and thus becoming the UK’s largest also and ofcourse not to forget after launching the world’s cheapest car, Tatas have added one more feather in their car – this time by launching a car which runs on Compressed air.

With this Tata Motors became the first ever company in the world to officially declare to start manufacturing of a car that runs on air, or in other words a commercially air-powered vehicle.

The AirCar, as we call it, officially named “Minicat” is developed by Ex-formula One Engineer Cyril Negre for Luxembourg based MDI, uses compressed air, as opposed to the gas-and-oxygen explosions of internal-combustion models, to push its engine’s pistons. Some 6000 zero-emissions Air Cars are scheduled to hit Indian streets.

The “MiniCAT” would be launched in India at a price of $8,177 and would run for 300 Kms before it needs to be refueled. The refueling cost is $ 2.oo. The MiniCAT is one of its own kind. The car’s chassis is glued to the body and not welded thus reducing the costs and a body of fiberglass powered by compressed air.  Microcontrollers are used in every device that sends instructions. One tiny radio transmitter sends instructions to lights, indicators etc.
Refilling the car would be done at designated stations which would take just Rs 100 for one refill and the car is again ready to run approx. 300kms, the refueling time would be around two to three minutes. The top speed of the car would be 105 kmpl and would deliver a mileage double than that of electric cars.

Click here to see the full interview of Cyril Negre and details of the car


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