Friday, 23 September 2011

BMW X4 Confirmed, to be a combination of X3 and X6

BMW adds one more star to its universe, a BMW X4. Though the car would be available in the market in 2014 but it has now officially been confirmed by BMW. It is speculated that the car is going to be a mix of BMW X3 and BMW X6.

According to a Dow Jones report, the X4 will be more of a coupe than traditional SUV. We're guessing it may be a smaller version of the swank-looking X6 and be put into battle to fend off the new Range Rover Evoque.

Dow Jones says the X4 will be about 4.65 meters long and use the same range of engines as the existing X3. The X4 will have a trunk volume of about 500 litres (larger than the X1 but less than X3), be an all-wheel-drive model with automatic start/stop function, head-up windshield display, and voice recognition.

The car called the X4 will be the Active Sport Utility version of the upcoming BMW 4-Series, which also includes coupe and cabrio models. Size-wise the X4 will measure roughly the same as an X3, but ti will get the similar dramatic design like the X6.


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