Saturday, 24 September 2011

BMW to launch Mini in India starting at Rs 25 Lac during Auto Expo 2012

India is the new place for Luxury car makers to be. In the competitive scenario where, Audi and Mercedes already have laid down their plans for further ramp up and expansion, BMW too disclosed that its small car  brand Mini which is among the original British cars that heralded a new era in motoring in the 1960s, with its space-saving front wheel-drive layout is all set to be imported in India two months from now. The car will first be showcased at Auto Expo 2012.

"The Mini comes to India finally after years of hectic feasibility and surveys," BMW India President Andreas Schaaf says.

The Mini will be joined by other premium hatchbacks such as the Mercedes-Benz BClass and the Audi A3 next year. Just as in the other markets across the world, the Mini will be sold as a separate brand, with an array of options for customisation, independent of the BMW's other cars such as the 5 Series, the 7 Series and SUVs such as the X5 and the X6.

The company also plans to open two flagship dealerships, in Delhi and Mumbai. BMW will bring in the entire range of the Mini - comprising its popular variants Cooper, Countryman, Clubdoor and the Cabrio. The top-end Clubman is likely to cost around Rs 30 lakh and come with a complete sports package and accessories.  


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