Monday, 19 September 2011

Audi shows A2 Concept at Frankfurt Motor Show - VIDEO

The A2 is an electrically powered vehicle primarily for the urban areas with ample of space and composed drivability. Audi has not just developed the car in terms of technology but also in terms of pioneering body technology which makes it ultra-lightweight at just 1,150 kms. Skillfully designed the car is just 3804mm long, 1693mmwide and 1494mm high but still makes ample of room on the inside.

The new A2 engine includes a 115 bhp electric motor for delivering more power. Also there will be more space available both in cabin and trunk. Expected to be on the same platform of A1, A2 also features special equipments and infotainment system including the pedestrian detecting system. New A2 price will be high, but not as that of BMW i3, say reports.

You see, this car is all about the lights. It uses new LED technology, known as matrix beam, and it features them all over the body. So you need a proper video to show you all that in action. And that’s what we got here. Hit the jump and check out all that amazing lights!


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