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Tata Indica Vista facelift Brochure, Technical details, Images revealed

Last week was a big one when it came to car launches with no less than four cars, the Volkswagen Jetta, the Maruti Suzuki Swift, the facelifted Honda Jazz and the Force One SUV being launched in a span of five days. Of these launches, the major volume pullers will be the new Maruti Suzuki Swift and the Honda Jazz and the country’s third largest car maker, Tata Motors Limited, doesn’t want to be left behind. Say hello to the facelifted Tata Indica Vista Refresh, a car that will offer a lot more than the competition for lot less. 
Ahead of the Tata Indica Vista’s launch, a Team-Bhpian has managed to lay his hands on the brochure of the facelifted Indica Vista Refresh, even as the car has already begun reaching Tata Motors’ dealers across the country. From the brochure, it is quite evident that the Tata Indica Vista’s facelift is indeed quite comprehensive. The exteriors are completely Tata Manza inspired, right from the triple barrel headlamps to the chromed grille.

At the rear, a matt black lining runs across the boot, just below the rear windscreen to add to the facelifted Vista’s appeal. The interiors too get plenty of Manza-ness if we can call it that with a beige makeover and plenty of Indians will love the premium-ness that tags along with the beige color. This apart, one not so nice thing is the instrument console, which still sits in the middle of the dashboard. However, the steering does get audio controls even as the facelifted Indica Vista’s dashboard gets an integrated 2-DIN stereo console(first in class) that is bluetooth enabled.
So, taking calls on the Indica Vista Refresh is now possible through the car stereo-bluetooth system. The AC knobs are now electric units instead of the mechanically operated units. The higher end variants(VX-GVX and ZX-GZX) of the facelifted Indica Vista Refresh even get power outlets for the rear passengers. The top end version also gets power assisted outer rear view mirrors. Safety features like twin airbags and ABS make it to the higher variants.  So, features wise, the facelifted Tata Indica Vista is right up there with the best in the segment.

Engines though, remain unchanged. Petrol engine options remain the 1.2 Liter 65 Bhp unit and the 1.4 Liter, 90 Bhp FIRE Fiat petrol engine. Diesel engine options too remain the 70 Bhp-1.4 Liter TDI and the 75 Bhp-1.3 Liter Fiat Multijet turbo diesel common rail units.  Tata engineers, for their part claim that the Vista Refresh’s clutch takes 20% less effort to operate while the power steering too will now take lesser effort to operate due to some engineering tweaks.
So, there are a sum total of 12 variants of the facelifted Tata Indica Vista Refresh on offer, albeit with a small rider. The quadrajet engined Indica Vista comes in all four variants comprising of LS, LX, VX and ZX while the TDI powered Vista comes only in LS anmd LX variants. Also, a poi8nt worth mentioning is the fact that the TDI engined Vista is only BS3 certified. Therefore, it will not be sold in BS4 cities of India.

So, this effectively means that prospective Indica Vista buyers in BS4 cities can buy only the 1.3 Liter quadrajet(multijet) diesel engined model if they want to buy a diesel engined Indica Vista. So, it reduces the number of variants on offer to 10, from the earlier 12. Coming to the petrol models, the 1.2 liter-65 Bhp engined Safire 65 Indica Vista will come in three variants, GLS, GLX and GVX while the 1.4 Liter-90 Bhp Indica Vista will be available in GLX, GVX and GZx variants.
However, the Indica Vista Refresh’s puny wheels make it seem severely undertyred compared to the competition and it quite baffling to see 13 inch wheels being the norm on the least priced Safire65 and Vista TDI BS3 variants, that takes us straight back to the first generation Tata Indica era. 14 inch wheels are what the higher variants of the facelifted Vista feature. Even so, we think that Tata should have brought in the Manza’s 15 inchers to add to the visual appeal of the facelifted Vista, given that the car is almost a full clone of the Manza, minus the boot of course.
The price of the Tata Indica Vista Refresh is yet to be announced by Tata Motors. However, the Team-Bhpian credited with the brochure has also managed to get hold of the on-road prices of the Quadrajet diesel engined Indica Vista in Mumbai. Here are the variants wise prices of the facelifted Tata Indica Vista Quadrajet Diesel model: LS – INR 5,55,836 , LX – INR 6,11,468, VX – INR 6,31,972 and ZX – INR 6,99,936.
From the prices for the diesel engined Tata Indica Vista Quadrajet, it is quite apparent that the Indica Vista Refresh offers a good amount of equipment for the money demanded. So, the car continues to remain a value-for-money offering from the Tata stable. However, the top end diesel model’s price, being dangerously close to INR 7 Lakhs on-road Mumbai is a price that will require more than some effort to sell, for there are other brands like Maruti, Hyundai, Skoda and Volkswagen which compete in that premium area.

Source : Team-bhp


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