Monday, 1 August 2011

SIAM classifies cars in Indian auto industry by a new method

Society of Indian Automobiles Manufacturers, popularly known as SIAM, has devised a new method by which they will be classifying cars in the Indian auto industry. According to this new method, cars will now be classified in different categories according to their make and engine capacities, namely, Micro, Mini, Compact, C1, C2, D, E and F.
According to SIAM, with the help of this new classification method, it will be easier for car manufacturers to keep a tab of their progress in the auto industry. As we all know that Indian auto industry is currently booming with exponential growth and is ranked 2nd in the fastest growing auto industry list. This makes it even more difficult for manufacturers to keep a tab of sales.

Thanks to the new SIAM classification method, car manufacturers will now find it easy to classify their products into various different categories. Following images will help you understand more on how the new classification method will be helpful to manufacturers. Let us know if you think it will be easier for car manufacturers to understand this new method or not.


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