Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Peugeot showcases HXI Concept car Images before its official launch at Frankfurt Motor show

French car maker, Peugeot has unveiled images of the HX1 concept over the internet. The car is scheduled for an official unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show which kicks off on the 13th September 2011. This is a low-slung MPV/crossover that offers enough room for six passengers and measures 4.954 m. It is 1.990 m wide and a height of only 1.373 m.
The car uses the company’s Hybrid4 technology so the HX1 is an AWD diesel-electric vehicle that comes with a 2.2-liter HDi engine that generates 201 hp (204 PS / 150 kW) that powers the front wheels while the electric motor that has 95 hp (95 PS / 70 kW) powers the rear wheels. The combined total output of the HX1 is 295 hp (299 PS / 220 kW). In all-electric mode, the car can be driven for up to 30 km and manages to return 73.5 mpg (88 mpg UK or 3.2 liters / 100 km), while CO2 emissions are only 83 g/km
The car is official to make a debut on 13th September at Frankfurt Motor show, but we will still have to wait for final words from company to see whether this concept would be put into production.


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