Monday, 1 August 2011

Nissan recalling 20,000 new Altima sedans over suspension bolt

The recall bug has struck Nissan, but fortunately it appears the Japanese automaker caught the problem early on. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says on its website that Nissan is recalling 20,000 copies of the 2011 and 2012 Altima built between April 25 and June 10 due to a suspension bolt that may not have been torqued to specification.

If the transverse link bolt isn't properly tightened, it may loosen while the vehicle is being driven, which could lead to a rattling noise and vibration. A vibrating vehicle is usually little more than an annoyance, but if the bolt comes out completely, NHTSA says the driver could have trouble controlling their Altima.

To fix the problem, owners of the affected vehicles will need to take their vehicle to a Nissan dealer for a free-of-charge repair. A technician will replace the transverse link bolts and nuts and tighten them to the proper torque specification.

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