Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Maruti Suzuki India resumes partial operations at Manesar unit

Maruti Suzuki India has finally informed that they have started partial operations at its Manesar unit. Maruti's management has made it very clear that the company is not going to suffer any more due to workers. The company also said that this is the peak volumes season, this is the time when the company needs to build as much inventories as possible because the demand highly surges due to the festive season.

Moreover, the company's big bet during this time is their newly launched Swift which gets manufactured at Manesar unit only. The Swift already comes with a huge waiting period, as high as 3-4 months.

The company has partially started its operations on Tuesday with its Contractual workers and few of its permanent workers who have agreed to sign the code of conduct for good behavior. The company had already spared 13 days of its production during June for the reason of labor unrest and also 3-4 days for maintenance shut down which was also scheduled during June.

However, nobody can really predict what's gonna be the exact situation two days hence and when exactly will the labor issues gets resolved. We can just hope that the company soon gets into full production mode as Maruti contributes around 42% to the Automotive market share and automobile sector itself is a major chunk(75%) of our Sectoral Classification of IIP.

For other details on Maruti's strike, Images & Video please refer to our previous posts on the News Update section.


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