Thursday, 25 August 2011

Maruti suspends two more workers at Manesar plant

The management of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (MSIL) on Wednesday suspended two more workers at its Manesar plant for instigating fellow workers to participate in an agitation against the company and spoiling the atmosphere at the plant. On Tuesday, too, two workers were suspended on similar grounds.
The management and workers have been on the loggerheads over the formation Maruti Suzuki Employees’ Union (MSEU), a dedicated body for the workers of Manesar plant.
However, the Haryana labour department has refused to recognise and register the union.
Terming the management’s action as “arm-twisting tactics”, the members of MESU held a meeting on Wednesday to decide the further course of action.
“At the time when MSIL has launched its new variant of Swift car and is looking forward to touching new heights in production, the management is trying to spoil relationship with workers. We want to work harder, but the management is trying to create a situation of confrontation,” said Sonu Gurjar, president of MSEU.
The company officials said four workers had been suspended since Tuesday. The suspended workers are — Navin Kumar (vice-president, MSEU), Arvind Kumar, Rishi Pal Kumar and Sushil Kumar.


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