Wednesday, 3 August 2011

July 2011 India Car Sales Figures

With the beginning of New Month to look forward to New Launches, one cannot forget to analyze the Sales trend set by various OEM's.

Team Wheelomania has done a detailed analysis of various Car Models and their Sales during the few previous months. Below attached is the image and the analysis of the same.

1. Total Passenger Car Sales posted lowest ever Sales for the year till date.
2. 5 out of 13 OEM's posted the lowest ever Sales for the year till date including the Market Leader Maruti.
3. We see that the Sales have been boosted for all those OEM's who have launched new vehicles(Toyota, Ford & Hyundai) or have slashed current Prices(Honda)
4. Maruti has stopped production of swift which led to lowest ever Sales for Maruti for the year till date.
5. The Current trend shows Customer's bend towards new models & their openness to new models.
6. Also Beat Diesel sales trend has proved that Customers are now looking for Diesel Models as compared to Petrol ones.

Stay tuned to Wheelomania for our more Updates on Commercial and Passenger vehicles Research Updates similar to ones we did last month.


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