Monday, 22 August 2011

John Abraham gets his Audi Q7

The latest to join the bandwagon of celebs owning the “Audi” is none other than the man who makes even automobiles look sexy – John Abraham. Looking extremely thrilled, John looked like a small boy who is at the receiving end of a dream. In the classic white t – shirt and blue jeans combination and the black “Audi Q7″, makes it extremely difficult to choose which is better – the automobile or the man who now owns it!

Seen here, along with big car, John Abraham was seen at the Audi outlet in Mumbai earlier this week. Before taking the car keys and driving his new car, John Abraham smashed a dry coconut in front of the car, a religious ritual Indians usually follow before a new beginning.

Apart from his body, John Abraham has been known for his love for motorcycles and cars. John has loved Audi since the beginning when he was just an MBA student and riding a Yamaha motorcycle. We wish John all the best with his new Audi Q7.


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