Tuesday, 2 August 2011

GM launching OnStar-based Family Link that tracks teen drivers

Your children use the Internet for social media, Wikipediaing (yep, we just made that up) their homework and drowning in the misery that is a teenager's life. You, on the other hand, use the Internet for work... and social media and Wikipediaing your kid's homework. Now, OnStar has another way for you to use the web, and it involves your family as well.

The program is called Family Link, and it allows for owners of OnStar-equipped vehicles to keep track of their rides when they're out of sight. Say your son or daughter borrowed the Acadia, you can log in to your Family Link account and see exactly where little Billy or Sally have taken your GMC. Family Link also allows you to receive text or email alerts throughout the day, at predetermined intervals, which update you on the status of your automobile.

General Motors plans to roll out the service to 10,000 customers via an invite-only trial. Consumer response will help dictate the plan's rollout timeline, pricing and additional services that could be added. In fact, OnStar is already thinking ahead – possible add-on extras include speed warnings, boundary alerts and estimated arrival times.

So, is this sort of technology welcome in America's households, or is it too "Big Brother" for you? Have your say in Comments.

Source : Autoblog.com


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