Monday, 1 August 2011

Ford slashes Sync price by $100, coming to all models in three years

With Ford stepping up to become the first automaker to support the Safe Drivers Act of 2011, the Blue Oval is putting its money where its mouth is by dropping the price of its Sync system from $395 to $295.

The updated pricing will extend first to the 2012 Explorer and Edge, and will be available on all trim levels of the Edge, with the SEL, Limited and Sport models coming standard with the system and the SE now available with Sync as an option. The pricing will later extend to the 2013 Escape, Flex, Focus and Taurus.

In addition to the standard infotainment and navigation functions, Ford is touting the hands-free capabilities of Sync as a safety feature, along with 911 Assist and the Sync Services subscription plan which includes turn-by-turn directions, traffic reports and business searches, all of which can be performed without ever taking your eyes off the road.

Ford plans to make Sync and the new pricing strategy available on every North American model by 2014, and expect a host of upgrades and refinements to happen in the process


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