Friday, 5 August 2011

Audi India Boosts Investments

According to reports, German luxury carmaker Audi recently announced that with the aim of boosting Indian market revenues, they would be increasing their investment accounts.
The reports further claimed that following the brand new investment plans, the Volkswagen group company officials have already kept aside an amount of Rs 192 crore and they have decided that endowed this quantity in Indian market.
Talking about Company’s plans, Audi India Head Michael Perschke accounted that the Company plans were very original and they decided to take this step because they very well knew the fact that along with the unique car features, the customer demand was also mounting, as a result of which they decided to enlarge the models arrangements and localize the production.
He also affirmed that under the new plans they would be introducing numerous modified models, such as small sedan A3, SUV Q3 and SUV X1 in the market.

Besides, he further added that with the expansion plans, the annual production capacity would also be increased to 6,000, and as a result of which the employment figure would also be boosted to 600.
He added, "Our target is to have 25% of the Indian luxury car market by 2015 and we are on track and Audi has sold 3,145 units in the Jan-July period, up 93% from the 1,626 vehicles sold in the same period last year”.


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