Saturday, 30 July 2011

VW blasts new CAFE standards, alleges bias towards truck makers

Automakers are officially choosing sides on the new proposed Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards, and while nearly every company has come out with statements of support,Volkswagen has chosen to head the camp opposed to the plan. The German company has released an official statement on President Barack Obama's 54.5 mpg corporate average by 2025, saying that VW doesn't endorse the move. Why? Apparently the people's automaker feels that the regulations unfairly target passenger cars while giving large trucks special treatment.

According to VW, passenger vehicles face a five percent annual increase in fuel economy, while light trucks merely have to attain 3.5 percent annual increases. While it's true that Volkswagen doesn't produce anything that could compete with the Ford F-150, the company's stable is stocked with a few vehicles that will fall under the light truck designation, including the Routan minivan and Touareg SUV. Additionally, Volkswagen says that the proposal pushes automakers to manufacture more large and inefficient models.

Volkswagen finds itself in thin company when it comes to its stance. So far, nearly every other automaker has come out in support of the move, including Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Hyundai and Toyota among others. 

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