Friday, 22 July 2011

Volvo invites nominations for 'Volvo Sustainable Mobility' award

Volvo Buses announced the Volvo Sustainability Mobility award. Entries for submissions are invited from groups, organizations, institutes, individuals who are working towards creating ‘innovative solutions’ in the broad area of supporting sustainable urban transport. The award is Volvo Buses’ effort to identify initiatives that can influence/ are influencing improvements in city transport systems and support the cause. The winner will receive a cash award of Rs 7 lakh and runnersup Rs 3 lakh. .
The Volvo Sustainabile Mobility award supports all groups, organizations, institutes and individuals who are working towards creating ‘innovative solutions’ in the broad area of supporting sustainable transport in cities. The objective is to highlight the need to develop effective urban transport & mobility system to address the needs of rapidly growing cities. The last date for registering entries is August 30th 2011. The last date for submitting project details for the award is September 1st 2011.

Akash Passey, Managing Director & CEO, Volvo Buses in South Asia said, “Urban transport is a fast evolving model in India. Efforts by the Central and state governments, have been actively supported by various interest groups in a bid to attract people to shift to public transport. This award is an attempt by Volvo Buses to recognise efforts of groups and individuals who have gone beyond the convention and have come up with innovative ideas to improve the urban transport systems in India. At Volvo, we are committed to bring about change that benefits the society and make better the lives of people in urban centres. We hope that this initiative will spur people to come up with more ideas to make urban transport in India as good as in other countries.”
The scoring for nominations will be done broadly on the basis of the following criteria’s. Some of the major criteria’s are innovative-ness of the idea, practical implementation or level of engagement with society and achievement or potential impact of the initiative. Unique concepts will also be taken into account in shortlisting entries. Emphasis will be on ideas that are viable and can be implemented. A jury comprising eminent people from the industry, academicians and other stakeholders will select the finalists. One can register for the awards filling up nominations forms at the Volvobuses web site which has all the details. The last day to submit projects is 01 September 2011. 


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